My artwork is inspired by Celtic culture, art, history and tradition. The Celts were known to be deeply spiritual people which resonates with my art practice. I find the act of creation to be a spiritual experience and a communion with forces beyond myself. The small amount of information we have about the Celts and their beliefs is intriguing to me. It seems their practices were intended to bridge communication with the "otherworld" by using a combination of divination and creativity.

Though we know little about their behavior, my art works are an attempt to appropriate their methods for the sake of creating beautiful, natural images. My paintings begin with haphazard mark-making in order to affect a form of divination akin to the Druids spattering of bulls blood or reading the flight patterns of birds. I sit with the marks and listen to my instincts for instruction. Eventually, an image or multiple images emerge from the chaos. The remaining work is the enhancement of those images and the space they occupy.

I'm intrigued by the results from working in this way. The forms and lines seem to automatically become natural in appearance. The forms take shape on their own to become all sorts of animals and natural landscape features. I find it rewarding that the end result shares the "DNA" of Celtic art works from so long ago - the paintings look Celtic. The line work and colors I've discovered are like jewels wrapped in the fantastic, swirling aesthetic of traditional Celtic art.