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Reinhold Adscheid

Reinhold Adscheid

Reinhold Adscheid's work derives from the self-imposed question: How would the world be like, if we were able to see it from different positions in time and / or space simultaneously ?

The result is not an image of something, but is itself a four-dimensional space-time bubble and the viewers themselves can and has to move themselves through this maze of a virtual-real object. Or they may simply be fascinated.



Dirk Groß

Dirk Gross

The spirit of our time is goal-oriented. Dirk Gross' art conceals what seems to be beautiful, the philosophy that the shared experience of solitude counteracts self-knowledge. Each of us goes his own way and yet all these paths are to be found in a common world. They are superimposed, interwoven, like a network. The Internet is the visualization of this aspect in the external. Behind, in between, and under all this concoction lies the truth of every single individual, waiting to be lifted like a treasure. Gross is attracted to the philosophical epoch of Romanticism, which sees every aspect of creation interconnected and interrelated. Gross' art is full of imagination and wants to be stimulating and inspiring alternative to gray everyday life.

Gross' collectors say, "Your pictures make me dream ..."

Gross says, he can not hope for more.



Matthew J. Frock

Matthew J. Frock
Matthew J. Frock's paintings come together like a wave crashing on paper. The initial marks are a fast, sloppy rumble followed by smaller, more calculated marks. A finished painting is usually made up of many waves. Frock adheres to three rules that create the natural aesthetic in his work: there are no mistakes; there are no marks too precious to be destroyed; and always react purely to instinct. He believes creating in this way allows for other forces of chance to involve themselves in his work. The mysteries of the creative process are what he finds most fascinating.






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