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2019 - Belgium

Zen could be described as the guiding star as I make my way through my art practice. My work is meditative in that I spend long periods staring into a field of colour, tracking my eye movements and making decisions about how the next mark should look.

This process clears my mind or highlights conflicts within, and I find myself managing my mind in the same way I would if I was sitting still and meditating. What I perceive to be the natural aesthetic in my work is also born out of my understanding of Zen. I will not hesitate to make big changes mid-painting or even destroy a composition and maybe even paint over it. I disallow myself from making any decision that protects work already made.

I try to be true to my instincts. When the mess (or rather chaos), is interesting, I work to hone it and refine it. If I compare my process to a wave crashing on the beach, the initial marks are a fast, sloppy rumble followed by smaller, more calculated mark making until the final layers are applied with careful thought in an effort to bring balance to the final work.

- Matthew J. Frock in an interview with Aesthetica Magazine, April 2019

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