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2021 - Abstract & Experimental Art

Real beauty is arresting and if you keep a sharp eye, you will find it everywhere. Sometimes I find myself stopped to admire a display of light and other times it's the orientation of a set of objects and sometimes it's the people. I often recall these instances of beauty when I paint. My work is frequently generated from memory but occasionally I use my own photographs as a reference. My paintings tend to reflect something on my mind or a place I'd like to return. The creative process is a form of meditation and source of mystery for me. I find the act of making abstract art similar to a game of chess. Every mark I make, color I introduce, pattern I repeat, and technique I employ is a move made on the chessboard intended to invoke the Muses. Every move made on the board creates a new dynamic of unfinished work until the final move is made and the chessboard becomes art.

2021 - Abstract & Experimental Art


Plastic Wave, 30 x 40 cm

Plastic Wave is the product of the painting process. It reveals (as well as conceals) a previous painting stage that needed to be rerouted. The change in course was very successful. As it came to be, I was thinking of calling it "Neighborhood Clubhouse." It reminded me of the area in the woods where I played with friends as a child. However, upon completion - and John Oliver's episode on Plastics fresh in my head from the evening before - the image became unmistakenly the "Plastic Wave."

Most of my paintings are manifested from visual memory where as others are constructed from mental images formed during the painting process in response to stimulus in the studio such as music and audio recordings. This painting was created with artist-made acrylic paint. The paint I make is super-saturated with pigment which produces exceptionally bright colors. The image ground is composed of a thin layer of porcelain which coats a wooden substrate.

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Matthew J Frock Art

2021 - Abstract & Experimental Art


Vertical Composition, 35 x 40 cm

Vertical Composition was an experimental trial of a new painting ground, liquid paper. The liquid paper is painted onto wood. I found the effect to be very pleasing. The ground absorbs the paint like paper would. I was lucky that the composition developed quickly, fresh and lovely. The boxy, object quality of this painting uses the sides as an extension to the image (also a new thing I'm trying.)

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Matthew J Frock Art


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